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Zicom Thai
Sauer Danfoss Daikin Hydraulic System use on Transit Mixer
Sauer Danfoss Daikin Hydraulic System use on Harvester Machine
        Various agriculture and construction machine employ hydraulic drive system. Zicom Thai custom-designs and packages various drive and control systems depending on the applicaiton of machines. As distributors for Sauer Danfoss Daikin, Japan and FairField Torque Hub USA. Zicom Thai can readily supply well renowned hydraulic pumps, motors and gear drives together with other choice components for complete drive systems to suit customers need for both agriculture and mobile applications.
Hydraulic Pump use on Rice Harvester and Road Roller Machine
PV 2222
PV 22
PV 23
PV 075075
PV 075
PV 055/MF 055
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Series 20 Heavy Duty Pump / 袹Ҵ 20
Series 90 Heavy Duty Pump / 袹Ҵ 90